A comfy van makes a happy HSP camper


One major key point in travelling with a van as a HSP is making your surroundings comfy. "Comfy womfy" is one of my favorite English word pairs, too! As a HSP you are highly aware of everything around you.  Taste is different between people, but in your own surrounding, it is less energy consuming when the surrounding matches your own taste.

Visually beautiful van is a must

I'm highly visual so for me it is important that I have sheets, rugs, towels and tableware which I think are beautiful. I like to add some other touches, too, to make the van more homelike. I might have a poster on a wall or a plastic (oh yes!) plant as decoration. If something doesn't match my visual eye, it quite quickly disappears from the van. I'm also the kind of person, who use different color scheme during winter and summer, like granny did :D So in summer more vibrant, bright colors in sheets for example, and in the winter more of a Christmas feel.

Comfortable, light materials for the van

Light materials which feel smooth or fluffy are nice for the van. I don't want to add extra weight in the van so only light blankets and rugs which are easy to handle and dust get picked up for the van. I'm not that picky for textures of the materials but that might be something to consider for others.

In my van (made by Weinsberg) walls and doors in the back of the car are covered with padded textile. In my previous van (Hobby) the walls were plastic. Textile is soooo much nicer and also affects the acoustics, it is much more quiet. Plastic felt both hard and cold. 

Not too much stuff and a place for everything

Mess is something to avoid. My van is only 5,4 m long so there really isn't so much space in the van for a lot of unnecessary stuff. Here again, I choose lightweight clothes that doesn't take much space and small tableware, pans and pots. Every single thing has it own space and I have used different kind of boxes and lockers to get stuff in order in the cabinets, shelfs and the fridge. You might be messy, but in a small van order is a must to make the travelling comfy.

It is very important to me, that the interior matches my taste visually.
It is very important to me, that the interior matches my taste visually.

From these examples you can draw the conclusion that neat and tidy consumes less of my energy - and while out with the van, I don't want to use energy in anything that could annoy me. This includes also cleaning the kitchen immediately after cooking - something I hardly do at home...

So, think of your van - or the van you are planning to buy or build - what kind of things would make you feel at comfy and at home? What would make your day easier? These are the things you need to add in your van!

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