Making coffee - an important daily routine in the van


My days starts with coffee. At home I use an espresso machine but in the van that is not an option. For a long time I settled with a plastic coffee filter holder and cooking water in a pot - but yeah, that's not really coffee, is it? As I'm very visual, the plastic hurts my eyes, and the paper tastes in the coffee - must be a HSP here making coffee, right? :D

I tried French press, but it is too messy to clean in a van. Then I thought moka pots could be the answer but they always seemed to be made of aluminium (which I don't want to use) or were too big. Until I finally found it! A tiny moka pot in steel by Bialetti. It surely doesn't take too much space in my van :D 

And of course, the coffee was PERFECT.

The second thing was to sort out the milk part. I use a special (Oddly Good) oat milk that gives the coffee a smooth taste without tasting like oat porridge, like most of the oat milks. At home I of course make it with the espresso machine so it is both warm and foam, but in the van I must choose which element is more important.

So I prefer that the milk is warm so I can enjoy my coffee for a bit longer and was looking for a small "something" to warm the milk in. I have small pots in the van but it seems like a waste to use and wash a pot for a small amount of milk. I found this little measuring dish in a shop and thought it could be perfect - which it is. In just a few seconds the milk is warm enough and it is easy to wash off. I have a tiny milk foamer but haven't tested it with warm milk, I guess it could work. But then the measuring dish is not the suitable dish for that so I settle with just warm.

Why all this trouble??? Starting the day slowly with the coffee cooking process is a key part of my travelling routines. It is when I pamper myself, sitting in the van, looking out at the view and slowly getting the machine going for the day. I also basically hate dish washing, but cleaning the small moka pot and measure dish are truly small acts for oneself and the next relaxing coffee moment. As a HSP person you easily end up taking care of everyone else - coffee making is just for me.

Luo kotisivut ilmaiseksi!