Travelling HSP - the essence of my blog


I have just come home from a trip to Lofoten, Norway. Somewhere between the peace of a sunset at the Kvalvika beach and the horror of driving on a mountain side with a straight 100 meters fall to the fjord, I finally realized what the essence of this blog could be. Travelling as an HSP and infp person. If you are one, you instantly know the struggle. But there are ways to overcome the challenges and that will be one part of my blog.

Fellow vanlifers at Kvalvika Beach
Fellow vanlifers at Kvalvika Beach

I have visited Norway a few times as a kid and with my own family in 2022. In 2022 we said never ever again, though we only visited a small part of Norway around Lyngen and Tromsø to Narvik. It is as beautiful as it gets but I'm not a big fan of driving on steep roads. 

Well never say never as we now packed the van and took off to Lofoten. There were some scary moments and it got me thinking of everything about being on a vacation, is it worth visiting a place, where you are stressed and scared, how much energy can you pay to see "the places" and so on. And at that point I of course realized some parts of my vacation was not "living up to the standards" of being a travelling HSP.

I haven't travelled a lot since my childhood, you could say pretty much not at all outside my home country. Mostly due adult duties such as jobs, family and money. But the willingness to travel is there, I want to be out there and see the world. So I don't even know what I really want to do when I travel and how much energy different things will consume. Hence I did not even realize at first, how energy consuming travelling in uncertainty, and at some places in pure fear, is. On this trip I learned a lot about it. And I will write more about it in this blog, too. 

So if you are interested in an HSP&infp travelling in her own pace and peace - follow the blog for more! I will be writing all about my trip to Norway in the following blogs! And check the photos coming up in my Instagram @i_coddivanple!

Luo kotisivut ilmaiseksi!