Travelling to nearby Kalajoki - it's not the distance, it's the mindset.


What does travelling mean to you? Does it always have to be a flight to a foreign country? My travelling philosophy is simple: it's a mindset. And of course with a camper van you are quickly in the mindset - you just need to decide which way to turn from your home road, left or right?

If I turn twice right I will eventually end in the nearby town of Kalajoki. Kalajoki is situated in the west coast of Finland, around 550 km north of Helsinki. The thing that will amaze you is the 3,5 km long sandy beach called Hiekkasärkät. It is truly unique and spectacular - and maybe something you don't expect to see in Finland!

Some photos from Hiekkasärkät. Amazing sunset after a heavy rain and some summer vibes.

The tourism in the area has increased enormously in the last few years, so if you are looking for a place with something for everybody, from action to beautiful nature, and from views to good food, Hiekkasärkät is definitely worth a visit!

For campers there is a very popular camping area, Kalajoki camping. The camping area is right by the sea! (you can spot it in the photos above). Tapion Tupa also offers camping for motorhomes/vans by the main road. There are also several hotels with views to the sea - and probably hundreds of cottages and appartments for rent. 

If you want some action, you can head to Adventure Park Pakka, Kalajoki Golf, Sani Fani Spa, Juku Park water park or Safari Karting just to name a few of the many possibilities - mostly during summer season! If you need souvenirs, head to the local pottery Iso-Pahkala for handmade gifts. During summer there are of course also a wide range of happenings in the area from tractor pulling to Irish hooley.

So, what we usually do when we take our camper to Kalajoki is, of course, enjoy the view of the sea! If we are lucky enough to get one of the few parking spots on the dunes. You can also park your car further away and walk to the beach. Usually we go for a walk along the beach or sometimes along the Siiponjoki river, which is a few kilometers south from the Hiekkasärkät area. We also enjoy a good meal at our favorite restaurants, Sandy Kelt in the Hiekkasärkät area or Mamma Leone in the town center. We drive to Kalajoki a few times a year and usually outside the high season - then we get to enjoy it almost by ourselves! 

One of the reasons for our minitrips is to enjoy good food! Here a taste of what Mamma Leone offers.

If you don't have time for a longer stay, I still warmly recommend to take the turn from the main road and drive the road along the dunes (it anyway adds only +2-3 kilometers on your trip). The views are amazing and it is one of the (sadly) very few spots on the west coast of Finland where you can actually see the sea from the road. 

So next time you drive higway 8 in Finland, stop at Kalajoki!

Luo kotisivut ilmaiseksi!