How nice that you landed on my vanlife page! Well, I'm not a full time vanlifer, but our van is a big part of our life as a daily transporter, and the tool which makes dreams reality! I'm just starting this blog so there is only a few texts available, and in the gallery there is some photos from our travels. I also made an Instagram account but it still needs to get started with @i_coddivanple.

Hope you enjoy coddivanpling with me! To coddivanple? It's my own definition of coddiwompling, but with a van!

My days starts with coffee. At home I use an espresso machine but in the van that is not an option. For a long time I settled with a plastic coffee filter holder and cooking water in a pot - but yeah, that's not really coffee, is it? As I'm very visual, the plastic hurts my eyes, and the paper...

One major key point in travelling with a van as a HSP is making your surroundings comfy. "Comfy womfy" is one of my favorite English word pairs, too! As a HSP you are highly aware of everything around you. Taste is different between people, but in your own surrounding, it is less energy consuming when the surrounding matches your own taste....

Planning - and having your plans somewhat open - are keys for me as an HSP/introvert traveller. Therefore travelling with a van is ideal, as it makes it possible to change your plans whenever your energy level is not full enough for a city tour or when you "just don't feel like doing something you had planned". Neither are you...

A vanlifer and camper since 2014.

I bought my first caravan car/rv/motor home in 2014 as an apartment while working away from home.After two more cars I have ended up with a small Weinsberg Carabus 540 van which I call Baggins - on his way on an adventure.


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